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Your #1 best stop in the Internet for electric bike news and the best electric bike review information an electric bike rider… or buyer… could want. We are dedicated to the electric bike, or ebike, and we want to bring you the best ebike reviews and news that we can find. We’re also devoted to the electric bicycle, the greatest way to get around, get exercise, have fun, and commute to all the locations you need to get to in your daily life. No matter what kind of electric bike you choose, whether it’s a mountain bike, a cruiser, a city bike, or something else entirely, bicyclists gain the benefits of powering their mode of transportation with their own bodies. That means that your electric bike news and electric bike review information must include an acknowledgment of how important the health and environmental effects of electric bikes are.

So why would you choose an electric bicycle as your mode of transportation? Why have we created an entire electric bike review and electric bike news website to cater to that choice? It’s because bicycling gives you the best of all possible worlds. Biking affords you a better level of health and fitness thanks to your increased physical activity, but it also gives you economically sustainable and affordable transportation. Because you have the electric motor of the e bike to help you whenever you need it, you don’t have to worry about getting too tired, or arriving at your destination worn out and out of breath. The electric bicycle increases your range while also increasing your speed and the reliability of your bike trip. But the best part of using your electric bicycle is that it’s a great, environmentally friendly, extremely economical form of transportation that is good for the planet and good for your budget. Riding your electric bike gets you out and about and lets you enjoy the world around you while you are getting where you need to go. Commute to work, ride for fun, or just get around town in your electric bike. It’s fun, it’s more cost effective than just about any other choice, and it helps keep you active and physically fit while you do it.

The best thing about riding an electric bike, and the reason we have devoted so much time and effort to electric bike review information and electric bike news, is that electric bicycles let you control the amount of effort you put forth. Whenever you need the boost, the electric motor is there for you to take up some of the load. You can use it to tackle a difficult hill, to get where you’re going faster than you could pedal there yourself, or to maximize your travel distance while minimizing potential fatigue. You get all the exercise you want, and your workout is as strenuous or as relaxing as you want it to be. Pedal the bicycle without the motor at all if you want to, getting the maximum benefit from cycling, or just let the electric motor do all the work. Your electric bike is limited only by your own choices and decisions.

If you have ever ridden a manual bicycle up a steep hill or into a bad headwind, you know it takes a lot more effort to get yourself moving compared to cycling downhill or moving with the wind behind you. Steep hills and headwinds aren’t the only issues manual cyclists face, however. Would you like to be able to bicycle, but do you have a physical problem like a bad knee, a problematic ankle, or some other issue that reduces your stamina? Electric bicycles make it possible for you to cycle and use the electric motor to take the effort off you when you need it. Electric bicycles are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to ride a bicycle but who worries they might not have the physical stamina to do so for significant distances. As always, consult your physician if you have any issues, or think you have any issues, that might make biking not right for you. When you choose to make your bicycle an electric bicycle, all kinds of things become possible to your life.

One of the things that makes an electric bicycle so useful is that it is cost effective. That’s why we get so excited about our electric bike review information and electric bike news. All of our ebike review research is done because we love the utility, the fun, and the benefits of electric bicycles. Given how volatile the price of gasoline has been in the last several years, it makes only good sense to go with a transportation method that doesn’t need expensive gasoline. Even motorcycles, which get good mileage, are more expensive to fuel than electric bicycles. And don’t think that going with an electric bike means you have to give up on your car, truck, SUV, or crossover altogether. You can simply supplement your commuting and travel days by swapping out the electric bicycle on those days with great weather or when you don’t have to travel as far. Now, sure, not every can bicycle to work or school every day even when they have an electric motor to back them up (some of us commute long distances and it would simply take too long, and then there are those driving through harsh winter conditions when bicycling simply isn’t ideal). But if you can use an electric bike for just some of the days you’re going to commute, you can greatly reduce your overall commute costs. Knowing you don’t have to get drenched in sweat or exhausted to get there, thanks to the power of the electric motor on your ebike, just makes everything that much better. And of course, when you ride your electric bicycle, you don’t need to worry about costly insurance payments or getting caught in traffic. Electric bikes are maneuverable, light, and can take paths, side alleys, and other paths that cars can’t. A person on a bicycle can easily cut through traffic jams that have cars sitting immobile. And of course you are getting great exercise, too!

This is the perfect time for you to buy an electric bicycle. This is why we have created this website devoted to electric bike review information, electric bike news, and all other e bike review-related materials. There has never been a better selection of electric bikes on the market. There have never been so many affordable electric bike options, either, nor has biking ever been as culturally acceptable as it is now. There are tons of federal government projects that have improved the biking infrastructure in the United States alone, for example, creating new bike-friendly traffic patterns, bicycle paths, and other resources that make bicycling such a great transportation and exercise option. For example, did you know that twice as many people bicycle now compared to two and a half decades ago? There are three hundred percent as many bicyclists now as there were ten years ago. And the more people who ride bicycles, the more local, state, and federal governments enact policies that recognize how popular bicycling is. You could not choose a better time to get into bicycling… and there is no better option for cycling than electric bicycles.

Bicycling is a great exercise for your body, specifically because it is low impact. You need only a few conditions to be met to make bicycling such a great option: you need a bike that is the right size for you, a comfortable seat, and enough flexibility to be able to balance on the bicycle without too much difficulty. If these conditions are met you aren’t putting any undue strain on your joints (although of course you should consult your doctor about such things). There are lots of other physical activities that people are only able to do when they are young and in good health, like lifting weights, running, and so on. These things, especially running, can be hard on your joints. Bicycling is much easier on them. If you have arthritis, stiffness, other muscle injuries or issues, or other health problems, bicycling might be just the thing for you. Even elderly people can bicycle, in many cases, without worrying too much about the strain on their joints. Bicycling also helps you to maintain your coordination and flexibility as you get older, while also getting you outside into the fresh air where you can enjoy interacting with the neighborhood, environment, and people around you. And you’re doing all this while also contributing to sustainable, environmentally friendly forms of entertainment. Is it any wonder, then, that we’ve devoted our site to electric bike reviews, electric bike news, and everything else devoted to e bike review related activities and data?

When you start getting out on your electric bicycle on a regular basis, we think you’ll really start looking forward to the ride. When you have that great fun and exercise to look forward to each morning, it will help you jumpstart your day, and it will set the tone for what you do for the rest of day. Think about how much it will elevate your mood for you to ride home thinking about the next invigorating ride in the morning. Nothing helps you “decompress” from a stressful day at work or school than bicycling and having some time with your thoughts while you pedal… or letting the electric motor do the work so you can just glide along in style and comfort. Think of the benefits in stress reduction alone that you’ll experience when you take up bicycling! The health benefits of riding an electric bicycle are the same as riding a regular bicycle, of course. But when you have that electric motor to back you up, you can pedal without worry that you’ll get worn out or be too sweaty or fatigued when you get where you’re going. The electric motor increases your range and can increase your speed so you can travel faster. Biking is a great, low-impact, forgiving physical activity. It’s a great way to get both health benefits and transportation, and the electric bike is the best choice when compared to bicycles.

Regular use of your sustainable electric bicycle can produce weight loss. Sure, you can lose weight by walking or by running, but running is hard on your knees, hips, and ankles. Walking is better, but can still produce some problems, especially if you’re overweight when you get started. Riding an electric bicycle helps mitigate these issues by reducing the shock on your joints, and placing your body weight where it belongs as you sit in comfort. Bicycle seats are also modifiable; if you don’t like your bike’s seat, you can install a different one. Bicycles are also relatively low-technology devices, which means you have fewer things to worry about when it comes to the bike’s reliability. Bicycles break down far less often than more complicated conveyances like cars and motorcycles. If your electric motor stops working or runs out of a charge, though, you can still pedal your bicycle, using your human power to get where you need to go. It’s the best of all possible worlds!

The exercise from cycling helps produce better overall health, which gives you longer life and better quality of life. It also helps you to sleep better. Sleep is the key to better health. The more you sleep, and the more deeply you sleep, the better off you’re going to be as long as that sleep is restful. Society wide, we are very much in the grip of a sleep deficit. Sleep deprivation is a very serious thing and can reduce overall life span. But exercise, especially regular exercise, can help you to get more restful sleep. It turns out there’s a real physiological reason for this. Bicycle riding is an activity you do outside. There is actual scientific research that shows people who suffer from insomnia fall asleep more quickly, and sleep for longer periods of time, when they get decent exercise. Stress, and the hormones it produces, can inhibit restful sleep. But exposure to natural light while exercising helps restore natural body rhythms and helps you to get rid of cortisol, the stress hormone. In other words, the more you exercise, and the more you do so outside, the less cortisol you have and the better you will sleep. Everybody wins when you choose an electric bike.

Bicycle riding helps you to live a longer life, too, which is why we get so excited about electric bike review information, electric bike news, and other e bike review data. Studies have shown that people who are more active live longer. The more you incorporate activity into your daily routine, the better off you will be. Active people get sick less often, enjoy greater flexibility and range of motion, and have less risk for things like high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and of course obesity. Women who exercise regularly might even experience better overall health during pregnancy. Regular exercise helps produce mood elevating hormones and just generally makes you a healthier, happier person. And all these benefits can be yours when you choose to add an electric bicycle to your life. Biking can even potentially improve your love life. There are some studies that show men who are active maintain their virility as they get older. Improved circulation helps your body to look and feel better, improves your vascular health overall, and helps you to look younger. There is even evidence that says moderate regular exercise reduces the risk of certain chronic ailments like cancer. In polluted, urban areas, people who travel by bicycle take in less pollution than people who travel by cab or by bus. The activity of cycling helps clear toxins from your body and might even improve your performance in sports activities. Other gains include coordination, muscle strength, focus, and overall stamina.

Let’s say you have some bad health habits in your life. Plenty of people do, and you don’t have to be obsessive compulsive to suffer from them (the way we get excited about electric bike reviews and electric bike news). Well, the fact is, there is scientific research that may demonstrate a link between swapping out a negative addiction with a positive addiction. If you can just make some healthier choices, you can improve your health and well-being overall. No matter what that bad habit might be, it’s almost always the case that replacing it with something active like cycling can genuinely help you. Electric biking is a real way to improve your life. The improvement in mood that can be generated by activity and exercise can help you feel less fatigued. Just exercising for a few minutes can help you feel like you are more awake and ready to tackle your day. The machine that is your body can find new ways to make use of the all the exercise you are getting, including flushing your system of toxic buildups, improving the strength of your immune system, and lowering your blood pressure.

Then there is the social aspect of electric bikes. One of the great things about running and electric bike review site, and producing electric bike news for those looking for ebike review data, is that we get to connect all kinds of people who share our joy in electric bicycles. That’s one of the reasons we maintain a forum here at ElectricBikeUniverse.com. We love to connect people who love electric bikes. Cycling is a great hobby that can improve your health and welfare, reduce your transportation expenses, and get you in touch with other people who also like to lead active lifestyles while meeting people. Just imagine the people you will meet when you regularly get out to bicycle. It’s fun, it’s social, and it’s a great way to exercise.

The best part about electric bikes is that they’re generally legal everywhere. We can think of only a few locations, such as New York, where electric bikes are not street legal. Most electric bikes are deliberately designed to constrain the speed and power of the bike to keep them legal. A bicycle that has power beyond specific limits would be regulated like a scooter or motorcycle. But because your electric bicycle is powered to within those limits, no special license or credentials is required. All you need to start enjoying your electric bike in most locations in the United States is the appropriate safety equipment… and a desire to enjoy getting out and cycling. A manual bicycle is a great choice, but more and more people are discovering that electric bicycles are an even better option.

Electric bikes are cost-effective. Electric bikes are fun and exciting. Electric bikes are legal in most places. You will enjoy electric bicycling if you give it a chance… and if you have found us, there’s a good chance you’re considering going in that direction yourself. Well, we’re here to help you on your way! ElectricBikeUniverse.com is your best stop in the Internet for electric bike reviews and electric bike news.

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