There’s no easy way to say this: There is a LOT of information you could learn when it comes to electric bikes. What we’d love to invite you to do is share your tips and electrical bike tech know-how with us. Do you have a tip? Contact us through our contact page. Do you have some other electrical bike know-how you would like to share? We would love to hear it.

For example, it’s a fact that the more you accelerate, and the harder you accelerate, the less battery time you’re going to get out of your electric bike. It’s also a fact that wearing a battery down completely is harder on the battery then recharging it before it is completely dead. (Don’t worry about your battery taking a “set,” because the damage to the battery from being drained is the bigger worry). Think about a car battery. If you let your car battery die completely, you might be able to recharge it, but chances are it won’t be as reliable after that.

Another thing you’ll want to look into is basic safety guards. Chains are dangerous for your fingers, so make sure you have chain guards installed and that you are careful when working with chains. Also, mind your loose clothing when riding your electric bike. If you don’t have a chain guard in place, tie your pant legs back with whatever is handy to keep loose fabric from getting tangled up in the chain.

We recommend that if you’re going to get into tinkering with electric bikes, you take the time to learn the basics of electricity and circuits. Once you understand how electricity and basic wiring works, you’ll better understand how to safely tinker with your own electric bicycle. Just be aware that if you alter a manufacturer’s bike or its systems, you are invalidating your warranty, and any damage you do (to the bike, or to yourself) is entirely on you. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment and mind all safety procedures and guidelines provided in the manufacturer’s documentation (if any).