Electric bicycles are one of the few means of getting around for transportation that is not a car. Our society is built on automobile transportation. But there are still people who don’t drive, and people who don’t have licenses. There are also people who don’t choose to drive because they want to save the environment, or because they simply don’t want the expense of having and maintaining a car. Are you one of those people who would rather not have to deal with driving a car? Do you still need to get around, or commute from work to home and back again, or back and forth to school? Well, if this describes you, you can either depend on everyone around you for your transportation, or you can find another way. Electric bicycles are that other way.

You can ride an electric bicycle without any sort of special credentials. Electric bikes are street legal almost everywhere except for New York and a few other areas. Do you live in a city where there is so much congestion that a car is more trouble than it is worth? Plenty of people living in cities like Manhattan know that parking a car is expensive and maintaining a car is expensive. And interestingly, people who live in cities where it is not cost effective to have a car tend to be healthier overall than people who rely on automobiles. That’s because people who live in cities where they must walk a great deal are getting the benefit of an increased amount of physical activity. Now, the downside to walking in areas like that is that you’ll be held back by the walking speed of those around you. Even on empty streets, you’ll be limited to how fast you can walk with your body.

An electric bicycle helps you to move faster. It’s the perfect method of getting around in congested areas. Electric bicycles put you within reach of getting around like you would on a scooter or a motorcycle, but at least cost and without the need for a license or insurance. Compared to the cost of driving a car or even taking public transportation, electric biking is much more cost-effective and matches out to mere pennies compared to what it costs for a gallon of gasoline. And you don’t have to worry about paying insurance premiums like you would for a car when you are driving an electric bicycle.

Consider also that there will always be people who can’t or won’t get a driver’s license. Some people have past problems that interfere with passing a driver’s test. Others have anxiety about the test itself. Still others simply don’t drive because they don’t enjoy it. We’ve so conditioned ourselves to believe that everyone should get a license and start driving a car in their late teens that it strikes us as odd when somebody doesn’t do it. But where is it written that everyone needs to have a license or drive a car? And while the driver’s license is the most frequently used method of identification, it is definitely not the only one, not by a long shot. In fact, most municipalities offer a “non-driver’s license,” which works just as well as a driver’s license for identification but does not involve any driving (or confer any such privilege).

It’s a scientific fact that riding a bicycle is the most energy-efficient means of transportation human beings have invented. The irony is that in some congested cities, riding a bike is actually faster. When cars and trucks are sitting bumper to bumper, unable to move, the electric bike commuter can easily move in and around that traffic to get where he or she is going. The beauty of the electric bike is that no matter how much you pedal, the electric motor is there to take up the slack and help you get where you need to be. Get one today!

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