Originally, the Wave Electric bike came as a beach cruiser available in multiple colors, but as of late 2016 they have several models in their lineup, but this review is for their original beach cruiser. Featuring a powerful battery and an impressive overall range (depending on rider weight), the Wave is a single-speed electric bike in its base mode. It’s an attractive, stylish looking ride that shipped to us mostly assembled and was easy to put together. You don’t have to charge the battery completely during recharge cycle if you don’t want to, the suspension and seat springs made for a comfy ride, and the bike’s all-terrain tires tackled whatever we threw at it.

It’s frustrating to think that the top speed of the Wave is regulated. This has a powerful motor, and the only way to stop the artificial regulation (which is in place for legal reasons) is to figure out how to remove it. We don’t recommend you do that, again for legal reasons, but the fact is, it’s frustrating to have the motor constrained simply to keep the bike legal. Overall, though, we really liked the Wave, and it ranks among our top ebikes reviewed. It’s also a great value and one of the more affordable bikes we’ve evaluated.

We are excited to test their new products, so stay tuned!