If you haven’t read our review of the Wave Original eBike, check it out here:

Our original review was based on their first eBike from their crowdfunding campaign. The Wave 2.0 is an extremely upgraded and updated version of their original eBike. Upgrades from the Wave Original eBike include an aluminum frame, Samsung cell battery, nice grips, better saddle, side kickstand, quick release seat, and hard wired front and rear lights along with several other improvements. Standard features are no longer upgrades and include a front Shimano disc brake and 6-speed Shimano gears.

The current price for the Wave 2.0 is just over $1K, which is far beyond anything else in its category of having a 48V 750W motor with 10.4Ah Samsung cell battery. We have scoured all over and have not found anything that compares remotely close to the price of the Wave 2.0. With a unique, attractive design, the Wave company has offered one of the best, if not THE best electric bike you can buy for the money.