The Trek Powerfly is a very expensive electric bicycle. This means that if cost is not a consideration, you could choose it easily. It’s well balanced and well powered for hill climbs and challenging ascents. Generally speaking, riders report that the bike is an enjoyable one to ride, especially when climbing. The electric motor makes all the difference compared to trying to climb a steep grade on a totally manual bicycle. But there are some things that we wouldn’t have expected while testing a bike in this price range.

Specifically, the power of the bike’s motor sometimes surged, something we have seen in other reviews. This means you’ll need to fight the steering at times, and balancing on the bike will be complicated sometime. There are some adjustments you can make to mitigate these factors. We also didn’t see the power output we’d have expected in this price range with the weight of rider we used for the test. Overall, we’d have to say that the Powerfly is a capable electric bike, but disappointing when you factor in the price paid for it.