No review of the Sondors e bike would be complete without discussing the somewhat troubling state of the crowdfunding campaign for the bike itself. Apparently, there were reports after the bike’s Indiegogo campaign ended that there were people still waiting for bikes, and that number might have been relatively high. There were bikes delivered against the bikes ordered, based on news articles, but the numbers don’t entirely add up, and it’s hard to say what the current state of the Sondors ebike might actually be. News reports indicate that the majority of orders in the United States were indeed filled. We aren’t rendering an opinion on what it’s like ordering a Sondors ebike, but the news is out there, so any evaluation of a Sondors e bike product needs to include an acknowledgment of that fact. There has also been talk of exaggerated sales numbers in an attempt to generate buzz for the bikes, but we can’t confirm that.

By all accounts, the Sondors ebike is lower cost option. Some reports indicate that the make and quality of the build is relatively low cost, which we’ll leave the reader to make conclusions about. It’s got wide tires and anodization throughout the construction. It’s also not a three thousand dollar ebike, which for many people is going to be a selling point… but we simply cannot give them a pass on the spokes. The spokes on the Sondors ebike simply aren’t reliable and tough enough for our standards. Whether the bike is under-powered is a matter of opinion. It rides okay, but the pedal cadence at its top speed could be better. We aren’t the first outlet to spotlight poor performance in the Sondors. Overall, while it’s affordable, it’s not the best performer, and it comes with a lot of baggage attached based on previous crowdfunding campaigns.