Like the “original” Wave, this is also a beach cruiser available in multiple colors. It’s a step-through design to allow for ease of getting on and off the bicycle, making it ideal for those riders who are less physically able but who can still engage in low-impact bicycling. Featuring a powerful battery and an impressive overall range (depending on rider weight), the “Lady Wave”, now known as the “Tidal Wave” is a 6-speed electric bike. It’s an attractive, stylish looking step-through ride that shipped to us mostly assembled and was easy to put together. Also like the “original” Wave, you don’t have to charge the battery completely during recharge cycle if you don’t want to, the suspension and seat springs made for a comfy ride, and the bike’s all-terrain tires proved to be a good compromise for a variety of riding applications.

An electric bike for women is not easy to find, and the Tidal Wave offers everything a woman (or man) would need in an electric bike. The 48 volt, 750 watt motor means you’ll be cruising around with the max legal motor size (in the U.S.). Yes, the max speed limit on an eBike in the U.S. is 20 MPH, but the Wave Electric Bikes company is so cool that they added an easy to use red toggle switch on the handlebars which allows you to turn off the 20 MPH top speed limiter for “off-road” use only at “your own risk”. This is awesome for those looking to go a few extra MPHs and get up to speeds of 25 MPH. In our opinion, that’s more than enough speed for an electric bike, but the true upside with the extra power is when riding uphill. That extra bit of power really comes in handy and out-performs other lower-powered eBikes when it comes to up-hill performance.

One thing the Tidal Wave lacks is more color customization options. This is a bike aimed at the female market, and you’d think they would offer more color options in recognition of that fact. That’s a relatively minor complaint, but that’s that. Still, we liked this one just as much as the original Wave. Both e-bikes get great points for cost versus value. These won’t break the bank, but you’re getting good quality for what you buy.

UPDATE (March 2017): Since the launch of the Lady Wave, they changed the name to the Tidal Wave and removed some of the color options (Yellow, Pink, Sky Blue), and added new color options (Dark Blue, Satin Black). They have also made the 6-speed Shimano gears and front Shimano disc brake standard instead of optional. We think it’s great that they changed the name from Lady Wave to Tidal Wave because the Lady Wave really made it unappealing to male riders who wanted to buy a step-thru electric bike, but didn’t want to ride around on a bike with the name “Lady” in the model name. A small nuance, but an important one we believe which will help their targeted audience. In addition, they added a satin black (think in between matte black and gloss black) and dark blue option, which goes hand in hand with their name change, we believe, because now there are more color options commonly desired by men. We do hope that they bring back some of the feminine colors.