If you are looking for a mid-drive and full suspension electric bike with large tires, then you might be looking at the Haibike SDURO Full FatSix. There have been a lot of complaints from the outset that the charging device for this bike isn’t the greatest, but you can remove the battery to charge the bike, which is a feature. The ride is reasonably cushy thanks to the big tires, and the bike has air shocks. It’s also manufactured in three different frame sizes.

Sadly, those big tires drain more juice from the batteries to get the bike moving. The bike turns weaker when you’re in the lower gears, and it has no means of sensing shifting, so your guess is as good as ours when it comes to abuse of the drive train. The battery pack makes a lot of noise if you don’t secure it properly. Overall, this one is big but a bit underpowered for its size.