The Enzo is a folding electric bike targeted to people who might want an alternate mode of transportation when out boating. It’s designed to be rust resistant for this reason because exposure to salt water tends to make ferrous metals rust. It has some interesting integrated electronics refinements, and is relatively pricey (but not the most expensive bike out there). It has full length fenders and decent ergonomics.

Overall, the folding Enzo requires that you use a battery key to activate the bike, which means the simple act of just keeping that key on a keychain can be a hassle. The folding design also means other concessions; there’s no bottle holder, no suspension fork, and no seat post suspension. This means the bike doesn’t produce the most comfortable ride. The folding pedals also aren’t the most comfortable in the world. All told, the folding bike gives up several details and comforts in exchange for that folding feature.