A large-operation manufacturer produces the BESV Jaguar JS1. Among the available offerings from Darfon Innovation are a powerful 500 watt motor and brand battery cells. All this is less expensive than some other bikes that offer less. It’s a city and urban commuter bicycle only, really, so it’s not terribly versatile. The ride is quiet, but heavy, as the bike has no gears.

When it comes to riding an electric bike, having no gears is like saying, “I am probably never going to pedal”, because when you only have one gear, you only have a small range of speed in which you can actually pedal. If you’re going to slow or up a steep hill, you won’t have the strength to pedal. On the contrary, if you’re going to fast, you won’t be able to pedal fast enough and you’re legs will be what is known as “windmilling”.

The name and design of the Jaguar are pretty neat and the frame makes it easy to get on and off. The quality is yet to be known because we have not tested the Jaguar long enough to make a conclusive statement, nor have we heard from any readers who have owned a Jaguar long enough either.

We found the need to keep a key in the bike’s control unit a little annoying to keep the electric systems powered up. The frame is softer than we would have liked, and the Jaguar isn’t terribly stable or graceful. We felt like we were not well balanced at all when riding full out. In the final analysis that probably says more than anything else.