Do you own a bicycle? A lot of us don’t. Yet most of us had bicycles as children. When we were kids, before we learned to drive a car, our bicycles were our go-to means of transportation, a critical part of our lives. But many of us, when we got a license and started driving cars, stopped caring about and using our bicycles. What you may not realize is that if you add a bicycle to your life now, particularly an electric bike, you might just start getting more out of life.

Your electric bike is street legal almost everywhere. We can think of only a few places where you can’t use an electric bike on the street. It’s clean and great for the environment. It’s quiet. It’s fun to ride. Depending on the type of bike you get, such as a cruiser or mountain bike model over a city bike model, you can take it just about anywhere, over multiple types of terrain. It will get you where you need to be, and it will be fun to use to get there. But you may not realize what you can do with an electric bike as part of your life.

One thing you could do, for example, would be to establish an entire family habit of better health. Parents often find that it is very enjoyable to take their kids out and ride as a family. When was the last time you saw a family of bike riders? With an electric bike, even an older parent who isn’t as flexible as he or she used to be can enjoy bike riding and improved health. And years later, your kids will remember this great tradition of fun and fitness, and perhaps even pass it on to their kids. What could be better than establishing solid family ties?

Studies indicate that when you establish good habits early in life, your kids will follow through with those habits later. When you become active as a family with your kids now, they may also be active when they grow up, having had those values instilled in them. And while you’re engaged in these activities, you are becoming closer to your family. This is also a great way to reconnect and get closer to a romantic partner. The couple that electric bikes together is likely to enjoy a better relationship with each other.

The best part about doing all of this, though, is that you can build great memories with your friends, family, and loved ones. When your children look back on their childhoods, will they remember the fun times you had biking, or will they remember the extra hour you spent at work? Getting out and enjoying good weather and family time together is one great way to solidify relationships of any kind, to say nothing of the long-term health benefits of riding a bicycle.

Everyone wants to get the most out of life, but not everyone does so. Adding an electric bike to your life is a great way to accomplish that goal. It’s fun, it’s healthful, and it is a very efficient and cost effective way to get around. Don’t hesitate any longer. Get an electric bike and start enjoying your life that much more today.

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