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Save the Environment with your Electric Bicycle

Electric biking is great fun, especially compared to simply walking to get around. When it comes to fun exercises that anyone can do, walking is frequently cited because it doesn’t carry with it the same ill health effects that running can. Running puts undue strain on your joints, such as your knees and ankles. But walking is only a little bit better for you than running. There is still the impact shock of moving your legs up and down and taking each step, where each contact with the ground or pavement drives home the fact that you are placing strain on your joints. Biking, by contrast, is low impact, so there is much less strain.

Biking, therefore, is the way to get the benefits of walking without the liabilities. When you bike with your electric cycle, you can enjoy the weather, and if you live in a temperate climate, that means almost all year around you can be enjoying the outside world while getting around. Walking is fine for limited transportation, but there will be times when you need to move faster. Any bicycle will move you faster than you can get on your feet alone, and because the wheels allow you to coast part of the time, it takes less energy to bike somewhere than it would to walk or run there. You get to your destination much faster and less fatigued… and this is all the more so when you have an electric motor to help take up some of the effort.

Riding an electric bike is great for congested cities… and the numbers bear this out. In the worst urban congestion, it’s not uncommon for a vehicle to move at an average of 7 to 10 miles per hour. The average person walks at only 3 miles per hour. That means when you are trapped in traffic, you are only moving twice as fast as a person can walk when you are in a vehicle in city congestion. Now compare that to how fast you can move when you are traveling on an electric bike, especially with pedal assist. The highest speeds from an electric bike can be achieved by pedaling while the electric motor makes it easier for you to pedal. Not all models permit this, and some models allow you to glide along with the motor doing all the work. Regardless, biking is much faster than walking or even driving a car in heavily congested urban areas.

The upside to all this is that e bikes also produce no pollution. They’re completely green vehicles, which combine human pedal power with the electric motor. Now it’s true that electricity isn’t always an environmentally “green” option (a hybrid or electric car could be considered a coal-powered car), but it’s much better for the immediate environment not to be spewing pollutants as a car or bus might. You can ride an electric bike in style and comfort without worrying about the environment. You’re contributing to the preservation of your immediate area rather than its pollution, and that’s a comforting thought.

Introduce an electric bike into your life today. You will be very glad you did. Electric bikes are great for you and for the environment. They’re fast, they’re fun, and they’re sustainable… and that makes all the difference in the world.

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The eBike Is The Alternative to Driving

Electric bicycles are one of the few means of getting around for transportation that is not a car. Our society is built on automobile transportation. But there are still people who don’t drive, and people who don’t have licenses. There are also people who don’t choose to drive because they want to save the environment, or because they simply don’t want the expense of having and maintaining a car. Are you one of those people who would rather not have to deal with driving a car? Do you still need to get around, or commute from work to home and back again, or back and forth to school? Well, if this describes you, you can either depend on everyone around you for your transportation, or you can find another way. Electric bicycles are that other way.

You can ride an electric bicycle without any sort of special credentials. Electric bikes are street legal almost everywhere except for New York and a few other areas. Do you live in a city where there is so much congestion that a car is more trouble than it is worth? Plenty of people living in cities like Manhattan know that parking a car is expensive and maintaining a car is expensive. And interestingly, people who live in cities where it is not cost effective to have a car tend to be healthier overall than people who rely on automobiles. That’s because people who live in cities where they must walk a great deal are getting the benefit of an increased amount of physical activity. Now, the downside to walking in areas like that is that you’ll be held back by the walking speed of those around you. Even on empty streets, you’ll be limited to how fast you can walk with your body.

An electric bicycle helps you to move faster. It’s the perfect method of getting around in congested areas. Electric bicycles put you within reach of getting around like you would on a scooter or a motorcycle, but at least cost and without the need for a license or insurance. Compared to the cost of driving a car or even taking public transportation, electric biking is much more cost-effective and matches out to mere pennies compared to what it costs for a gallon of gasoline. And you don’t have to worry about paying insurance premiums like you would for a car when you are driving an electric bicycle.

Consider also that there will always be people who can’t or won’t get a driver’s license. Some people have past problems that interfere with passing a driver’s test. Others have anxiety about the test itself. Still others simply don’t drive because they don’t enjoy it. We’ve so conditioned ourselves to believe that everyone should get a license and start driving a car in their late teens that it strikes us as odd when somebody doesn’t do it. But where is it written that everyone needs to have a license or drive a car? And while the driver’s license is the most frequently used method of identification, it is definitely not the only one, not by a long shot. In fact, most municipalities offer a “non-driver’s license,” which works just as well as a driver’s license for identification but does not involve any driving (or confer any such privilege).

It’s a scientific fact that riding a bicycle is the most energy-efficient means of transportation human beings have invented. The irony is that in some congested cities, riding a bike is actually faster. When cars and trucks are sitting bumper to bumper, unable to move, the electric bike commuter can easily move in and around that traffic to get where he or she is going. The beauty of the electric bike is that no matter how much you pedal, the electric motor is there to take up the slack and help you get where you need to be. Get one today!

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Counterintuitive Electric Bike Benefits

The benefits of electric biking are probably very obvious. Bicycling is a great way to get more exercise in a low-impact fashion while also integrating that increased activity in your daily life, perhaps as part of your commute (or as an occasional supplement to your commute). But what you may not realize is that biking has benefits you may never have considered. One of them is improving your sleep.

Do you understand how important sleep is to your body? Sleep is part of the body’s process for filtering out accumulated toxins. When you dream at night, you are performing a necessary function that helps clear your brain. That’s why you get so confused and it becomes difficult to think clearly when you are sleep deprived. The dreaming process, and the filtering of sleep, is all part of working out the day’s issues while clearing your body of biological buildup. The better you sleep, the more regularly you sleep, then the better off you will be physically. And one thing that helps increase the amount and regularity of your sleep, and improves your overall sleep hygiene, is physical activity.

One study of physical activity showed that the more we exercise, the better able we are to think, and to think with an eye towards creativity. In other words pulling an all-nighter to finish that term paper won’t help a student as much as getting a good night’s sleep. If you want to improve your respiratory and vascular health, then getting more physical activity will help accomplish that.

And speaking of respiratory and vascular health, bicycling produces very real effects on your body. Specifically, it improves the way your heart and your lungs work together to transport oxygen through your body to where it needs to go. This allows you to exercise more, and for longer, and to get less tired when you do so. This in turn will improve your stamina, and this reflects a greater level of health overall. Would you like to enjoy your later life with more flexibility and more stamina? Would you like to be able to walk up a flight of stairs and not feel winded? Would you like to see all of these factors come together to improve your overall level of health?

All it takes is adding regular cycling to your life. An electric bike can really improve your life by producing these benefits. When you bicycle just a little bit every day, or periodically, you can lose weight without making other changes. You won’t even feel like you have gone on a diet, necessarily. There’s no added privation, no added difficulty. You just start getting healthier because you are getting more exercise. And when you get that exercise on an electric bike, you can commute to work and home again, or to school and back, and get that exercise as part of your daily routine. You can do all this while cutting your transportation costs. It’s a win-win no matter how you look at it.

Cycling regularly also improves your coordination. This is immensely important as we get older. It’s not uncommon to lose range of motion as you age, so when you spend time getting exercise that requires coordination and balance, you are really setting yourself up for success later in life. Why do you think people don’t forget how to ride a bike after they’ve learned? It’s an essential coordination skill and it can really help you. Improve your life today with an electric bike. The time is now!

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Electric Biking is Cost Effective!

Biking with an electric bike, and using that bike as transportation, is very cost-effective. It’s a sustainable, fun, and environmentally friendly way of getting around town, going from home to work, or commuting back and forth to school. It can also elevate your mood while bringing you and your loved ones together when you bike as a couple or as a group.

If you are wondering about the cost of acquiring an electric bike, you’re right to be. There are a lot of electric bikes on the market that are very expensive, to the tune of several thousand dollars US. But the good news is that there are also several very affordable bicycles on the market. There are more affordable electric bikes available than ever before, in fact, which is why you should consider an electric bike today. And if you like to save money, well, the monetary benefits of electric bikes are very real. Let’s talk, then, about the many ways that an electric bike can save you money.

As it turns out, an automobile is a terrible investment. They rarely increase in value. They are expensive to buy, and they depreciate the moment you drive them off the lot (by a substantial percentage of their value). Buying a brand new car means that it will be considered a used car to everyone but you, even if you put only a couple of miles on it before selling it. You’ll take a loss on that without fail. And the fact is that cars are seen as an essential part of our society, but they are a terrible expense and a horrible investment overall.

The worst part about cares, though, is that it costs so much money to fuel them. The price of gas has been very volatile over the last several years. And while it has sometimes fallen back, especially when the economy was not doing well, the trend has always been upward with time. Prices fluctuate, but gas always gets more difficult to put in your car. And while cars are getting better mileage than ever before, they are still expensive to keep on the road. Then too, there is the cost of insurance. Many states require you to have liability insurance, and the cost of insurance payments can sometimes be as much as for the car itself (especially in first-time and younger car owners).

Then there are the car expenses. Every one of us knows the sinking feeling of learning that a car repair — an expensive car repair — is needed when we are least prepared for it. Some people compensate for this by becoming very mechanically inclined and doing some of their own repairs, but cars are more complicated now than ever, and much of their operating systems is computerized. When costs are staggering and you can’t get credit or don’t have room on credit cards to pay for your repair, what will you do?

Electric bikes have none of these costs associated with them. It costs only pennies to move an electric bike the same distance that a gallon of gas will transport a car. Electric bikes also cost less to purchase (by a tremendous margin) and have none of the bureaucratic issues associated with them that cars and car insurance do. Buy an electric bike today… and get ready to start saving money!

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Get The Most Out of Life with an Electric Bike

Do you own a bicycle? A lot of us don’t. Yet most of us had bicycles as children. When we were kids, before we learned to drive a car, our bicycles were our go-to means of transportation, a critical part of our lives. But many of us, when we got a license and started driving cars, stopped caring about and using our bicycles. What you may not realize is that if you add a bicycle to your life now, particularly an electric bike, you might just start getting more out of life.

Your electric bike is street legal almost everywhere. We can think of only a few places where you can’t use an electric bike on the street. It’s clean and great for the environment. It’s quiet. It’s fun to ride. Depending on the type of bike you get, such as a cruiser or mountain bike model over a city bike model, you can take it just about anywhere, over multiple types of terrain. It will get you where you need to be, and it will be fun to use to get there. But you may not realize what you can do with an electric bike as part of your life.

One thing you could do, for example, would be to establish an entire family habit of better health. Parents often find that it is very enjoyable to take their kids out and ride as a family. When was the last time you saw a family of bike riders? With an electric bike, even an older parent who isn’t as flexible as he or she used to be can enjoy bike riding and improved health. And years later, your kids will remember this great tradition of fun and fitness, and perhaps even pass it on to their kids. What could be better than establishing solid family ties?

Studies indicate that when you establish good habits early in life, your kids will follow through with those habits later. When you become active as a family with your kids now, they may also be active when they grow up, having had those values instilled in them. And while you’re engaged in these activities, you are becoming closer to your family. This is also a great way to reconnect and get closer to a romantic partner. The couple that electric bikes together is likely to enjoy a better relationship with each other.

The best part about doing all of this, though, is that you can build great memories with your friends, family, and loved ones. When your children look back on their childhoods, will they remember the fun times you had biking, or will they remember the extra hour you spent at work? Getting out and enjoying good weather and family time together is one great way to solidify relationships of any kind, to say nothing of the long-term health benefits of riding a bicycle.

Everyone wants to get the most out of life, but not everyone does so. Adding an electric bike to your life is a great way to accomplish that goal. It’s fun, it’s healthful, and it is a very efficient and cost effective way to get around. Don’t hesitate any longer. Get an electric bike and start enjoying your life that much more today.

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The Benefits of e-Biking As A Commuter

Did you know that biking to work or to school on your electric bike has definite health benefits? It’s true that your electric bike is a great commuter vehicle in high congestion areas, as it’s very maneuverable and lets you get through traffic that a car and even a motorcycle would be stuck in. As it turns out, though, research at the University of Bristol shows that employees who commuted to work or exercised during breaks were more motivated, better able to manage their time, better able to handle stress, and even took fewer breaks while meeting their deadlines better. It’s a fact that just because these employees exercised doesn’t mean the exercise was what caused these benefits to occur, but stated another way, the more active an employee was in the study, the better off they were as people.

Other research at Ohio State is related to this. The less obese you are, according to that research, the more money you make. This doesn’t mean being fat contributes directly to making less money, but it does mean that if you are more active, you are more likely to be making more money. It might be that people who are more active look and feel better and thus more confident, more capable, and more positively perceived in the workplace. It’s also true that people are driven by their natures, and we are more likely to view someone who is not overweight as attractive and worthy of respect. What contributes to weight loss? A higher level of activity, such as bicycling to work and back home again.

If you think about it, because you have to commute to work anyway, it makes sense to use that time productively to get exercise. Do you want to just sit in a car in traffic, or do you want to be bicycling, enjoying the weather when it is nice, and increasing your physical activity in a healthful, low-impact way? There is actually research that says people who are overweight are much more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other ailments related to their weight. Some of those who suffer from diabetes find that when they lose large amounts of weight, their diabetes comes back under control. Adding increased activity to your schedule such as with cycling helps with all of these factors. And on top of that, physical activity is a mood elevator that helps you to feel better, makes you feel more alert, and actually makes you happier overall.

There is an aspect of cycling for commuting that we haven’t yet touched on, and that is human nature. People don’t like exercising even when it makes them feel good. They’ll find ways to avoid it. That’s why people say that you should work out with a partner who can help keep you accountable for showing up for your workouts. Well, when your workout is not something separate that you do during the day, but something that is actually part of getting to work or school, you will work out as part of your routine. This is a great way to stick with this new, healthy habit.

Commuting on an electric bike is a great way to stay active and become healthier. It’s environmentally friendly and it’s a sustainable means of transportation. If you’re considering becoming more active, now is the time to make commuting on your electric bike a part of your daily routine.

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Safety Tips for Your Electric Bike

Electric bikes are a great low-impact way to add more physical activity to your life. When you get your first electric bike, however, there are some safety guidelines you ought to follow. These will result in you getting the most out of your new electric bike while also keeping you safe as you use it.

First of all, don’t tamper with your bike, and don’t alter its accessories. Tampering with a manufactured electric bike can invalidate your warranty and might even open you up to legal liability as it increases your risks of an accident or injury. If your electric bike is regulated to a specific speed (and most of them all, for legal reasons), never remove or change the regulator to make your electric bike faster. Electric bicycles are serious transportation, not toys, and should not be used by minors (especially when not under supervision).

If you have never been a cyclist before, be sure to talk to your doctor before you add more physical activity to your daily routine. If, while you’re riding your electric bike, you start to feel lightheaded, dizzy, or you have pain or some other discomfort, stop biking and talk to your physician right away. Riding your electric bicycle should be fun and enjoyable, improving your health and wellbeing. It shouldn’t ever feel like something that is bad for you.

Take the time to monitor your electric bike to look for parts that are wearing out, breaking, or malfunctioning. Before you use your bike, and periodically during extended use, inspect it for loose parts, damage, and anything that might be worn out. A quick visual “pre-trip” inspection is always a good idea before you go riding. The more you maintain your bicycle, the longer service life it will give you.

Whenever you are riding your electric bicycle, understand that it might be possible to get your clothes caught in the spokes, the chain, or the wheels. Never wear loose or flowing clothing when you are driving, or anything else that could become entangled in the bike’s moving parts. Always be mindful of this when you are riding your electric bicycle. Also, when riding your electric bicycle, be sure to check the listed weight rating, and never overload your bicycle with passengers or cargo. It’s never a good idea to take an additional passenger on your electric bike unless it is a model designed for an extra passenger (like a tandem bike). Riding with someone on the handlebars of your bike might cause its weight limit to be exceeded and is very unsafe.

Remember, too, that your electric bike makes use of extensive electronics and of course batteries. That means high-pressure sprays of water or total submersion are not safe for your bike’s electronics. So while you can ride your electric bike in the rain, it wouldn’t be a good idea to take it through a carwash or drive into a lake or a pool with it. Use your head and protect your electric bike’s electronic components from immersion in water. Finally, make sure when you’re biking that you wear the appropriate safety equipment. A helmet is critical, and you may need to consider pads for your elbows and knees as well. Don’t forget your sunglasses when you are riding in the glare of the sun, too.

By following these safety guidelines, you can get the most, and the most useful life, out of your electric bicycle. We hope to see you out on the road!

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The Electric Bike Is The Best Commuter Vehicle Out There

So why, when you have your pick of multiple vehicles, would you choose an electric bicycle for commuting? And why would you choose an electric bicycle over a manual bicycle, given that comparable bicycles of comparable quality levels end up costing more when they have electric motors integrated? The fact is, the e bike offers the best compromise when it comes to the fuel you need to get to where you need to go. We don’t just mean for recreation, either. Your electric bike represents a very viable means of commuting to work or to school.

Stop and think about the way you get to work now. Does the distance permit riding a bicycle to work or to school and back again? Does the weather permit you to do that, even if only during certain months of the year? If so, then riding an electric bicycle becomes a very real method for commuting. Sure, there are already people who bike to work, but the process can often leave the biker tired and sweaty. There are plenty of people who don’t want to arrive at work or school tired and needing a shower.

Electric bikes change all that because the electric motor take the burden off you. Depending on the model, you can use the electric motor to help assist you in pedaling, reducing fatigue, or you may even be able to use the electric motor to do all the work for you. The result is the same either way. Your electric bike helps you get where you need to go faster and more efficiently while extending your effective range and reducing fatigue. Suddenly, your electric bicycle is a very real possibility for comfortably commuting. And you never have to worry about overextending yourself or being late.

Commuting on your electric bike is environmentally sound and sustainable. An automobile averages out to about 20 miles per gallon in stop and go driving in the city, sometimes better. You can get twice as much mileage out of a motorcycle, and if you go to a scooter, you might be able to get even more distance out of that single gallon of fuel. But when you compare that to the cost of running an electric bicycle, you are paying only a few cents for the same mileage. Even if you only supplemented your commute with riding your electric bicycle a few days out of the week, you’re cutting your commute expense and also helping to save the environment.

The whole time you are saving the environment and cutting your commute costs, you are also increasing your level of physical activity. This is very beneficial to you overall because it raises your lifespan, potentially, while lowering your risks of various chronic illnesses. It also has the potential to elevate your mood and contribute to better sleeping patterns and habits. No matter how you look at it, commuting in your electric bicycle is good for you and good for those around you. The ebike is a win-win for everyone. If you are considering an electric bike, there is no better time than now to start commuting to work or school on one. We encourage you to get started today. Every day you waste is a day you won’t spend biking.

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