Counterintuitive Electric Bike Benefits

The benefits of electric biking are probably very obvious. Bicycling is a great way to get more exercise in a low-impact fashion while also integrating that increased activity in your daily life, perhaps as part of your commute (or as an occasional supplement to your commute). But what you may not realize is that biking has benefits you may never have considered. One of them is improving your sleep.

Do you understand how important sleep is to your body? Sleep is part of the body’s process for filtering out accumulated toxins. When you dream at night, you are performing a necessary function that helps clear your brain. That’s why you get so confused and it becomes difficult to think clearly when you are sleep deprived. The dreaming process, and the filtering of sleep, is all part of working out the day’s issues while clearing your body of biological buildup. The better you sleep, the more regularly you sleep, then the better off you will be physically. And one thing that helps increase the amount and regularity of your sleep, and improves your overall sleep hygiene, is physical activity.

One study of physical activity showed that the more we exercise, the better able we are to think, and to think with an eye towards creativity. In other words pulling an all-nighter to finish that term paper won’t help a student as much as getting a good night’s sleep. If you want to improve your respiratory and vascular health, then getting more physical activity will help accomplish that.

And speaking of respiratory and vascular health, bicycling produces very real effects on your body. Specifically, it improves the way your heart and your lungs work together to transport oxygen through your body to where it needs to go. This allows you to exercise more, and for longer, and to get less tired when you do so. This in turn will improve your stamina, and this reflects a greater level of health overall. Would you like to enjoy your later life with more flexibility and more stamina? Would you like to be able to walk up a flight of stairs and not feel winded? Would you like to see all of these factors come together to improve your overall level of health?

All it takes is adding regular cycling to your life. An electric bike can really improve your life by producing these benefits. When you bicycle just a little bit every day, or periodically, you can lose weight without making other changes. You won’t even feel like you have gone on a diet, necessarily. There’s no added privation, no added difficulty. You just start getting healthier because you are getting more exercise. And when you get that exercise on an electric bike, you can commute to work and home again, or to school and back, and get that exercise as part of your daily routine. You can do all this while cutting your transportation costs. It’s a win-win no matter how you look at it.

Cycling regularly also improves your coordination. This is immensely important as we get older. It’s not uncommon to lose range of motion as you age, so when you spend time getting exercise that requires coordination and balance, you are really setting yourself up for success later in life. Why do you think people don’t forget how to ride a bike after they’ve learned? It’s an essential coordination skill and it can really help you. Improve your life today with an electric bike. The time is now!

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