Electric Biking is Cost Effective!

Biking with an electric bike, and using that bike as transportation, is very cost-effective. It’s a sustainable, fun, and environmentally friendly way of getting around town, going from home to work, or commuting back and forth to school. It can also elevate your mood while bringing you and your loved ones together when you bike as a couple or as a group.

If you are wondering about the cost of acquiring an electric bike, you’re right to be. There are a lot of electric bikes on the market that are very expensive, to the tune of several thousand dollars US. But the good news is that there are also several very affordable bicycles on the market. There are more affordable electric bikes available than ever before, in fact, which is why you should consider an electric bike today. And if you like to save money, well, the monetary benefits of electric bikes are very real. Let’s talk, then, about the many ways that an electric bike can save you money.

As it turns out, an automobile is a terrible investment. They rarely increase in value. They are expensive to buy, and they depreciate the moment you drive them off the lot (by a substantial percentage of their value). Buying a brand new car means that it will be considered a used car to everyone but you, even if you put only a couple of miles on it before selling it. You’ll take a loss on that without fail. And the fact is that cars are seen as an essential part of our society, but they are a terrible expense and a horrible investment overall.

The worst part about cares, though, is that it costs so much money to fuel them. The price of gas has been very volatile over the last several years. And while it has sometimes fallen back, especially when the economy was not doing well, the trend has always been upward with time. Prices fluctuate, but gas always gets more difficult to put in your car. And while cars are getting better mileage than ever before, they are still expensive to keep on the road. Then too, there is the cost of insurance. Many states require you to have liability insurance, and the cost of insurance payments can sometimes be as much as for the car itself (especially in first-time and younger car owners).

Then there are the car expenses. Every one of us knows the sinking feeling of learning that a car repair — an expensive car repair — is needed when we are least prepared for it. Some people compensate for this by becoming very mechanically inclined and doing some of their own repairs, but cars are more complicated now than ever, and much of their operating systems is computerized. When costs are staggering and you can’t get credit or don’t have room on credit cards to pay for your repair, what will you do?

Electric bikes have none of these costs associated with them. It costs only pennies to move an electric bike the same distance that a gallon of gas will transport a car. Electric bikes also cost less to purchase (by a tremendous margin) and have none of the bureaucratic issues associated with them that cars and car insurance do. Buy an electric bike today… and get ready to start saving money!

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